Crimsonic: looking to 2014

Earlier this month, I was able to catch up with Turre from the band Crimsonic and ask him a few questions, here is what’s happening for them in 2013 and beyond:

Who are Crimsonic?

We are Turre on vocals & guitar, Jake on lead guitar &backing vocals,  Anssi  on bass and our former drummer  JNE Pasanen.

For people that don’t know anything about Crimsonic and your music, how would you describe it to them?

Crimsonic plays melodic Rock / Hard Rock, with influences from practically all rock related genres.

How did the band start? Where does your name come from?

All members of the band knew each other from previous bands and projects. The name really just came up by accident.

What’s your favourite song of that you’ve written to play and why?

Roadblock is probably in the “Live Top 3” with all of us. Personally, Another Night and Reason too.

So far where has been your favourite place to play a gig?

One of the best places was the Elojuhlat festival in Hyvinkää, in 2012.

Where do you most want to play?

We want to play all around the world.

Right now, who is your favourite band/artist? 

We all have different likes, so it’s impossible to name just one. Jake and myself both like Alter Bridge a lot.

What or who influences you?

Life in general, our families and friends too in some songs.

If you weren’t involved in music, what would you be doing? 

We would quit what we’re doing and start a band. Or play professional hockey in the NHL.

Your songs are in English, is it just because you prefer to sing in English? 

That too. We think our music suits a bigger crowd than just Finland.

How do you go about writing your songs? 

All of us come up with ideas that we work on together. I mostly writes the lyrics, but everyone’s more involved in it now than before. It brings more variety to the songs.

Where can people find out more information about you and listen to some of your songs? 

We’re a most active on our Facebook page but also post all the important news on our homepage ( Also follow us on Twitter (@crimsonicband).

What does the rest of 2013 hold for you?

Filling the drummer slot and writing and rehearsing new stuff. We have bigger plans for 2014.

One last message to readers?

2014 is gonna be wicked, so stay tuned!


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