Killus – Industrial Metal from Spain

Killus are an awesome Spanish band with influences from Marilyn Manson, White/Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Ministry, Dope, Sisters of Mercy, and Deathstars. The bands members are Supersixx on vocals, Ruk on Guitars & programming, Fixx on Drums and Premutoxx on Bass. Formed about 10 years ago, the band has already released three albums,  God Bless UsExtinción and Never Something Was So Real, released in 2011 with international collaborations such as Richard Sjunnesson (Sonic Syndicate) and Cat Casino (DeathStars).  In June 2013 Killus released their fourth studio album studio, Feel the Monster through Art Gates Records.

They are currently on tour in Spain, but there is talk of them playing in the rest of Europe next year. They are absolutely amazing live, they give such a good performance and are very active on stage. If you get a chance to see them, you should go.This is definitely a band to look our for!

Current Feel the Monster tour dates:

27 September – Sala Toman Music, Reus
28 September – Sala Bumerang, Guadalajara
18 October – Paberse Matao Sedavi
26 October – We Rock, Madrid
31 October – Sala Acapulco, Gijon
1November – Sala Utopia, Zaragoza
2 November – Pub Serjos, Monson
16 November – Festival Fantasia de Fuenlabrada, Sala el Grito
30 November – Sala Gossip, Vila Real
24 February 2014 – Dark Industrial Fest, Alicante

Follow them on twitter or Facebook. Find them on Reverbnation.


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